I'm creating a Pong clone inside of Unity and was trying to figure how to copy another object (In this case being the Y co-od of the Ball Object) How would i go about doing this? I'm using vectors as my method of paddle movement and I want to create a public int AISpeed so that the AI paddle is a little slower in comparison

In my mind I assumed it was along the lines of: rightPaddle.location.y = pongBall.location.y

How would I create this?


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Assuming that rightPaddle and pongBall are both game objects, your code would look something like the following:

Vector3 paddleOldPos = rightPaddle.transform.position;
Vector3 ballPos = pongBall.transform.position
Vector3 newPos = new Vector3(paddleOldPos.x, ballPos.y, paddleOldPos.z);

rightPaddle.transform.position = newPos;

You can't modify a transform's position directly, you'll have to overwrite it, as above.

Hope that helps :-)


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