I tried to create a simple Octree like this: (I looked at the FMeshTriOctree source code since no question in answers.unrealengine.com helped me)

// My FVertex class is slightly more complexe, but let's say it's something like this:
class FVertex : public FVector
      int32 ID;

struct FVertexOctreeSemantics
        enum { MaxElementsPerLeaf = 16 };
        enum { MinInclusiveElementsPerNode = 7 };
        enum { MaxNodeDepth = 12 };

        typedef TInlineAllocator<MaxElementsPerLeaf> ElementAllocator;

        FORCEINLINE static FBoxCenterAndExtent GetBoundingBox(const PBS::FVertex* Vertex)
            return FBoxCenterAndExtent(Vertex->GetBoundingBox());

        FORCEINLINE static bool AreElementsEqual(const PBS::FVertex* A, const PBS::FVertex* B)
            return A==B;

        /** Ignored for this implementation */
        FORCEINLINE static void SetElementId(const PBS::FVertex* Element, FOctreeElementId Id){}

typedef TOctree<PBS::FVertex*, FVertexOctreeSemantics> FVOctree;

But when I instanciate my octree it returns:

Fatal error: [File:D:\BuildFarm\buildmachine_++depot+UE4-Releases+4.9\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Misc\CoreMisc.cpp] [Line: 975] 
The TOctree() constructor is for internal usage only for hot-reload purposes. Please do NOT use it.

What can I do?


The error is telling you that the default constructor of TOctree isn't something you're supposed to use directly. Instead, use a different constructor. You probably want to use the one that takes a center point and an extent:

TOctree(const FVector& InOrigin,float InExtent)

If you notice, the example source code you linked to stores a pointer to the octree type:

TUniquePtr<FMeshTriOctree> MeshTriOctree;

which it then instantiates as

MeshTriOctree = MakeUnique<FMeshTriOctree>(

The default constructor is only available when building with hot-reload constructors enabled; if you were to disable that option you'll get a regular old compile error, so you shouldn't rely on that constructors existence.


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