I am trying to right a card game, that will have an image in the middle, a coloured border and potentially a symbol in the top left. I am using libgdx and a stage/scene2d.

The image will change depending on the suit (these are not your normal 52 deck type of cards), the border colour will change to match the suit, though this colour can be pre determined by the user so I can't pre-save coloured images (though I guess I could pre save about 15 diff colours and give the user a choice of 15) and the symbol will only be on some cards and not others.

first card

second card

As you can see from the two images I've added I have two diff images, border colours and symbols.

My question is relating to groups and overdraw.

  1. I presume I should set up a group with 3 images in, and I'm hoping having this won't slow my game down as I will have potentially 30 cards on screen at once and 30 groups with up to 3 images in each could be a lot to draw. Is this right and will LibGDX be able to handle it fine?

  2. How should I do the coloured border? Should I have the entire card a coloured rectangle and the image drawn on top? Would the draw method be trying to draw the coloured section underneath the image and thus wasting GPU/CPU time?

    A friend of mine said I could just have a white image, and then set the colour using RGB values in the code? Is this possible? That would mean I could only have a single jpg which would be much better for apk size.

  3. Or should I ignore using a jpg image and try and draw the coloured square using ShapeRenderer?

Thanks, I hope these questions aren't too many in one post.


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