I develop games on ROBLOX which is a site full of user-generated games that are typically free for other users to enjoy. Many users have studios in which they have a consistent set of playtesters, but I am the only developer in the case of my project. Nonetheless, I still have the need to test my game at times, so I recruit random people from the forums of the site (specifically the site's "Scripters forum"). While recruiting from the forums is a reliable and quick way to get players, it may be hard for them to get over the fact that the game is meant to be unfinished.

ROBLOX has a like and dislike system, and during testing I have already received three likes and one dislike. The dislike concerns me because I feel that someone probably evaluated my game on the notion of "This game should be working for me, but it's not." when those problems are the purpose of why I recruit people to go to the game in the first place. Many users even absurdly evaluated the game on its artistic value which I believe to be an afterthought in the game development process versus functionality which should be at its core.

For the future, how do I make it clear that the current game should be evaluated for its functionality, and that in the beta phase, it may or may not work for all users?

Side note: I do some preliminary testing before I recruit testers to the game, so it works at the very least on my device, but their own experience varies based upon their quality of connection and device.

  • \$\begingroup\$ It sounds to me like your game is in alpha, if that. Not beta. Alpha means the game has art and is basically complete with a few known bugs. Beta means it is, in your opinion, ready for release. \$\endgroup\$ – Evorlor Jan 18 '16 at 18:12

There's a lot of ways to do that.

  • Change the title so that it gently says BETA
  • Put a nice popup or message at the very start saying that this isn't the final version and will be changed, or anything like that.
  • Watermark a corner of the window with the message "beta version"

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