Alright, so I know there's plenty of questions that have to do with college degrees on this site, but I don't feel that any of them really answer my question. I recently got accepted into Northeastern University. The thing that drew me to the university was not only that it appears to have a comprehensive computer science program, but that it offers combined majors with the other colleges. Since i'm interested in both game art and game programming, I applied to the Computer Science and Digital Art major. However, after looking at the other combined majors, I wondering if I picked the one that is right for me.

The five majors I'm currently looking at right now:

Computer Science and Digital Art:

  • Pros: Teaches both programming and art fundamentals.

  • Cons: The mathematics requirements are the weakest of the five majors (only require linear algebra).

Computer Science and Game Design:

  • Pros: Very comprehensive in both computer science and game design. Requires the most computer science courses out of the 5 majors (the extra courses are game design specific). I'd be the most likely to meet like minded peers in this major as well.

  • Cons: Doesn't really touch on subjects of game art at all. You are allowed to take two art+design electives, that's it.

Computer Engineering and Computer Science:

  • Pros: Gives a comprehensive education on computing in general (hardware and software). The biggest benefit of this major, I feel, is that it would teach me how to think. By that, I mean it would teach me to think in such a way that it'd be very easy to dive into other aspects of both computer engineering and computer science (more so than the other majors).

  • Cons: It's a computer engineering major first, and a computer science major second. Some of the information I learn may be pretty much useless.

Computer Science and mathematics:

  • Pros: Naturally, it has the most math courses of any other major.

  • Cons: The only major con is that I'm not really crazy about math, and don't know if I really want to subject myself to a bunch of it.

Computer Science and physics

  • Pros: It's actually pretty well split among math, physics, and computer science.

  • Cons: Like the computer engineering major, some of the information I learn may be pretty much useless.

I don't want this post to be ridiculously long so forgive me if I'm not specific enough. I'm guess I'm torn between different beliefs. Computer Science and Digital Art/Game Design would probably be the most fun majors for me, since they'd suit my personal interests. However, the other majors would give me information that would be useful in a broader sense (I could apply them outside the fields of game design / interactive media). I don't think any one of these majors will prepare me completely for the games industry, not even the game design one. However, I do think that no matter which of these majors I pick, I'll still be able to get into the game industry.


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