I realise that this question exists but the answer doesn't explain how to create DEB packages and whether they're suitable.

I'd like to package my Java 8 game for Linux. Most people don't have Java 8 (and some don't even have Java), so including the JRE in the package would be great.

The package should also have a logo that shows up on most desktop environments.

Lastly, the package should be cross distro (or cover a large number of distros), if possible, because there are simply so many distros.

How would I go about achieving this?


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  • DEB is only for Debian based GNU/Linux distributions. If you want a full cover, use a .tar.gz compressed archive.
  • You can include Java files but review its Licensing and Distribution FAQs.
  • As you have binary not source, it is better extract it in /opt/<gamename> folder for all user.

    Create symlink in /usr/local/bin/<gameshortname>

    To have an icon and menu launcher, prepare a <gamename>.desktop file, to be installed in /usr/share/applications/

  • Users without root access can extract any where in his /home/<username> and modify a new copy desktop file and save it in /home/<username>/.local/share/applications/

.desktop file is a standard followed by most Free Desktop Environments (gnome, kde, ..). See Desktop Entry Specification


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