Earlier, I asked this question: Landscape mode for game?

Where I had a directory for each and every layout, but the layout in the layout-land directory wasn't showing up when positioning my layout in landscape orientation. enter image description here

So, someone suggested to me that it maybe that the

  • Layout-normal directories are overriding my regular layout-land directories. Is this true?

  • If so, will any other of my layout folders get overriding?** What is the purpose of layout-normal in the first place then anyway?

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Look at this flow chart from Google that shows how the resource folder is picked.

Android qualifier flow chart

Screen-size comes before orientation. So when you have a folder with screen-size that matches your device, all of the folders without it will be discarded. Since layout-land doesn't have screen-size it will be ignored.

For a list of the qualifiers look at this link. Please look at table 2. Table over Andriod qualifiers

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