I created a collision detection game in XNA but I have a problem with the scoring. As online tutorials says, I initialised it

score = 0;

This is in the update section to check if the person hit the object

// Check collision with person
                if (personRectangle.Intersects(numberRectangle))
                    personHit = true;

Then in the draw section..

if (personHit)
               score = +score + 1;
               spriteBatch.Draw(greenBackground, mainFrame, Color.White);
            else if (personHit2)
                score = +score - 1;

                spriteBatch.Draw(redBackground, mainFrame, Color.White);

But when the person hits the objects that fall, the score goes up until that object is on the person image. I don't know if I am clear. The score doesn't go up by one per hit, it goes up until that object stops touching the person..

I was wondering how can I fix this so the score goes up by 1 only?


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Try doing something like this instead:

//Person wasn't hit yet, check if a hit occured
if (!personHit && personRectangle.Intersects(numberRectangle))
    personHit = true;     //hit occured
    score++;              //increase score
    personHit = false;    //person has moved outsite hit rectangle, reset

You really want to keep all processing out of your draw calls. All your processing should be done in your Update portion of your game loop.


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