I wanted to load in map information using JSON, is there a way to get String, Int, float etc lists or arrays from JSON in Libgdx?

My structure looks like this

    "data": [{
        "name": "startmap",
        "actors": [{
            "name": "ryder"

And I want to get Actors as either a String List or Array, but there is no GetList or GetArray function. Is there any other way to do this?


I have found the solution. First I add a JsonValue to my map object. Then I add a String list to my map object as well. JsonValue has this handy method called Child, wich allows me to loop through every child in the JsonValue, wich I add to my list of Strings.

The code looks like this.

newMap.actorstorage = saveJson.get("actors");
    for (JsonValue actor = newMap.actorstorage.child; actor != null; actor = actor.next){
        for(int c = 0; c < actor.size; c++){

Wich returns something like this


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