I have just messed up my project with some conflicting plugins, so i need to clean all plugins and reimport them, but i can't make sure which files to delete.

So how can i find out which package an asset belongs to?

Thanks in advance.


Do like reimporting the package, but stop at the last step. It will list you all the files which get imported by the package; clean this files manually. Unfortunately I do not know a way to unimport Unity packages.

Well, after some reasearch I could find this package. I do not know if this plugin rewrites old (Standard Asset) data etc., but it is definitely worth a shot!

Advice for the future: If it is an important / time-intensive project add source control to your project! SVN works great if you are a part of a small team or no team at all. It is easy to Setup. I can recommend TortoiseSVN as client, and VisualSVN as server (for windows). Do not forget to exclude the library folder ;)


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