In Construct 2 example about creating an animated player, they used more than 8 events:

4 events to store movement direction into Direction variable from Player.8Direction.MovingAngle

4 events to select animation based on Direction value

1 event to stop animation

Apparently if would be much easier to do the same with simple if-else code with 4 or 5 cases. Is it possible in Construct 2?


I didn't find scripting, but was able to express the same example in more condensed way:

enter image description here

All names are from example.


Construct 2 has no direct support for scripting, although it's possible to create modules with JavaScript. There's documentation on how to do this on Scirra's website. A link to the documentation can be found here: Official C2 SDK documentation

As for if-else statements, C2 does have them.


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