I want to create an extension for the Unity 3D Editor and have an custom asset type. During the process of creation this I recognized that I would improve the UX/usability if I can specify the path where I want to create the asset by using right click. But I fail to get the context path of the right click and I cannot find any hints on google or at the unity scripting api. Below you can see an image of the process I tried to describe above.

Asset creation process

Here is the code that is responsible for handling the context creation "event".

public static void createChatViaMenu() {
    Chat c = Chatter.createDefaultChat();

    // This is the part where I want to insert the relative path.
    AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(c, "Assets/" + c.Title + ".asset");

If you need any more information please let me know.


You can get the path by using Selection.activeObject. Here is a small code to get this feature working :)

   string path = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath (Selection.activeObject);

    if (path == "")
        path = "Assets";
    else if (Path.GetExtension(path) != "")
        path = path.Replace(Path.GetFileName (AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath (Selection.activeObject)), "");
    AssetDatabase.CreateAsset (asset, AssetDatabase.GenerateUniqueAssetPath (path + "/New MyAsset.asset"));

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