In ROBLOX Studio I need to check what part is in front of the model Freddy.

I need to set the variable called thingInFront to the part that is in front of the model Freddy so that I can decide whether I should allow him to walk through or not. This is my current code:

thingInFront = nil
if thingInFront.BrickColor == BrickColor.new('Black') then
    script.Parent.Parent.CanCollide = true
    if not thingInFront.BrickColor == BrickColor.new('Black') then
        script.Parent.Parent.CanCollide = false
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Just like to say that I have little experience in the lua language


If you take the x y z position of your model "Freddy" and the x y z position of all your other bricks, from there you could find the distance between "Freddy" and the brick and whether the color of that brick is black or not. Then when "Freddy" is a touching distance from the brick, you can allow him to pass through it or not.

Hopefully this helps.


I know this respond is late but for whoever will check this I highly recommend using Dot product aka scalar product (math) to see if the instances is in front of your "Freddy" character. Dot product returns the scalar which represents the length of the vector calculated by taking 2 vectors and the angle between them.

Why ? Dot product is extremely cheap as its a simple calculation. It's also easy to use and fast to set it up.

-- Note

U should be aware of calculating it by using CFrame.LookVector (depending on your case) so it won't compute World position but the relative position to your character.

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