I'm making a game and I want to play sounds in it. I have AssetManager which loads the sounds and I made a class which has playSound(String sound) method. This method calls the get() method of the assets manager with the string, creates Sound type file and calls it's play() method. The code:

public void playSound(String sound) {
    Sound file = gameRenderer.assetsManager.get("sfx/sounds/" + sound + ".wav");

It works fine. But then I noticed there is a log that occurs every time the sound is played:

AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST denied by client

I also noticed a small "tick" sound in the end of the sound every time it's played in the game. I read about it and from what I've learned it has something to so with sample rate. I tried many types of sounds (44KHz, 48KHz, and lower values too) but it doesn't stop printing that log. I couldn't find a solution anywhere.

If it really has something to do with sample rate, does it mean I need to have different types of file of the same sound (With every sample rate)? If it does, my game would be heavy... I'm using Nexus 5. Thanks!



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