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I had the idea, to make a custom card game based off an Anime i like. I was wondering if it would be legal to have such printed out (using a custom card/board game service) for personal use. I would only play it with friends and not make any money off of it.


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A printer service probably don't want to print such cards. I am not a lawyer, but the way it has been explained to me is that from a legal perspective, they print the cards and sell them to you. If you have them print cards of your design you basically license them to print that design on a set of cards. The printer could be in legal trouble if they print stuff and sell the printed materials to you.

Quote from The Game Crafter:

Can I make a game using copyrighted items if I don't intend to sell it to others?
We are not able to print games containing copyrighted items used without permission, even if they are intended for personal use only. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/help/intellectual-property

It doesn't mean all print-on-demand services verify or comply to this, but this is the legal stuff what I understood from TGC staff.

Some services out there try to move the legal burden to you by having you tick a box "yes I own all rights", but in the end AFAIK the printer could still be sued for infringement if they knowingly print and sell you the stuff.

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