I have made a small game for testing purposes and a packaged the game, and ran my game but when I run it, it runs with the UTdeathmatch type game. and I made my DefaultGame to DefaultGame=UDKBase.SimpleGame but still I have a gun in my hand doesn't work How do i fix that?

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Which map are you running? The map can also specify which game type to use on it. Look at View->WorldProperties->Default Game Type. I think there's also a game type for Play In Editor mode.

The game type can also be overridden via command-line ("?game=").

Finally, after the engine determines which GameInfo to load, it calls SetGameType() on that GameInfo. This gives you the option of overriding your own game type based on map name, command-line options, etc. (see UTGame::SetGameType()) The default functionality is for the GameInfo to just return its own class, so this feature is entirely optional.


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