I'm working with the Phaser framework and I'm struggling with a camera/rendering issue when scaling a tilemap layer to simulate a zoom feature in my project.

The camera size is set to 1024x768px.(Same as the stage size) I then create a tilemap and a tilemap layer that is 3072x2304px.

    // Create the tilemap and the tilelayer
    this.map = this.add.tilemap();

    this.layer1 = this.map.create('layer', 96, 72, 32, 32);

Code to zoom

        this.layerScaleGroup = this.add.group();

        this.layerScale = 1;
        this.inputScale = 1;

In the update function


            this.layerScale -= .2;
            this.inputScale += .2;


            this.layerScale += .2;
            this.inputScale -= .2;


        this.layerScale = Phaser.Math.clamp(this.layerScale, .33, 1);
        this.inputScale = Phaser.Math.clamp(this.inputScale, 1, 3);


When completely zoomed out I need the tilemap layer to be shown in the camera, but instead it seems like the camera or a camera follows the scale of the tilemap layer, even though the original camera is still 1024x768.

Here is a video showing the issue. https://youtu.be/e2mRfigq98I

When you are zoomed out you can still draw a tile onto the tilemap, but it is not rendered.


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