I have a parent class Unit, and child classes melee unit/ranged unit. The parent class holds uninitialized fields such as health, damage, etc. the child class sets the values of these fields in an Awake function.

In another script, I have a Start method:

void Start(){
    for (int i = 0; i<(gridY*gridX);i++){
        allies.Add(new GameObject());


AddUnits looks like this:

void AddUnits(){
        allies[0] = (GameObject) Resources.Load ("Units/melee unit");
        allies[1] = (GameObject) Resources.Load ("Units/ranged unit);
        number = 2;

The resources loaded are prefab gameobjects containing their respective melee unit or ranged unit script (both which derives from base class Unit)However, when I check the health value of the gameobjects allies, they're always 0. Can anyone help me figure out why?


When a Resource is Loaded its not actually Instantiated and added to the Scene so Awake() is never called. Change your code to something like the following:

allies[0] = Instantiate(Resources.Load("Units/melee unit", typeof(GameObject))) as GameObject;



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