I want to get a path of sprite using the spriteRenderer component in Unity.I want my path should be like - "asset/PATH OF MY FILE/FILENAME.EXTENSION". Currently I am using following code but it returns only parent name/path.

string GetSpritePath(Transform goPath){
    List<string> path = new List<string> ();

    Transform current = goPath.transform;

    while (current.parent != null) {
        path.Insert(0, current.parent.name);
        current = current.parent;

    return string.Join("/", path.ToArray());

Whats wrong with my code ?


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Don't try to reinvent the wheel; the first thing you should do is to try find existing functionality and read the documentation. In your case you should use:

var path = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(this.renderer.sprite);

And your resources must be in the Assets directory. That is all.

Please see related documentation:


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