In the unity asset store one can find tons of thousands of assets, a lot of them being distributed for free.

When using a free Unity Asset is it implied that you can do anything with it(commercial or not)?

Is there any legal agreement concerning free Unity Assets?


I'm pretty sure a quick Google would have given you the answer

There are a couple relevant points in the FAQ pertaining to licence and use of assets from example projects etc.

Unity stack answer : http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/342714/use-of-asset-store-assests-in-commercial-game.html

"You can use any asset from the store personally and commercially, you can edit this object by changing materials, editing the Geometry etc

You can NOT re-distribute the file, no matter how much you modify it you can use it but not share or re-sell it.

Most of those conditions are there to prevent illegal activity or cover the author/unity team in the case of lawsuits. As a genuine paying user there is no need to worry about any of it, in the event that you accidentally breach a condition (such as redistribute a bought material on one of your models) unity will likely contact you and ask you to remove that component rather than outright sue."

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