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Do higher-level 'Pure AI' concepts (such as Neural-Nets or Genetic Algos) ever get implemented successfully in commercial games?

Although graphics is my main area of focus, I've been dabbling with Game AI concepts for quite some time now; from simple A* path-finding to intricate Perceptrons..

My question is this; Does anyone have any examples of successful (or perhaps more interestingly, failed) implementations of some higher-level AI concepts in large-scale commercial titles?

By higher-level, I mean methods of simulating intelligence that are usually found in Pure AI.. For example..

  • Neural Networks
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Decision Theory

I understand that as well as a financial budget, developers also have a budget of memory usage (with AI often taking a back seat). Many of these methods are costly to implement and provide limited returns.. I am just intrigued to find out if anyone knows where or when any of these (or any other high-level concepts that I've forgot to mention) have been deployed in any well-known games :)

I also know that in this industry, trade-secrets are a fact of life ;) Aside from the AAA titles, if you have any of your own success-stories (or disasters) it would be nice to hear them! :D