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Top new questions this week:

How can I accommodate custom pronouns in voice acting?

I am currently developing an RPG in which, during character creation, players may choose their pronouns as he/him/his, she/her/hers, or a custom entry based on their own text input. Whenever ...

voice user-generated-content  
asked by Alex F 33 votes
answered by DMGregory 58 votes

My Earthbound-like Movement Script works in Unity Gameview, but runs differently in Gamebuild

First programming question I've ever made in my short journey. I'm trying to create a script which moves members of your party in a line behind you (think Chronotrigger or Earthbound). Here's a clip ...

unity c# 2d movement transformation  
asked by PLasmaghost 3 votes
answered by Zibelas 1 vote

How to write shaders that can be compiled for DirectX, OpenGL, and Vulkan

I recently finished writing the DirectX renderer for my game engine. Now I have an OpenGL, DirectX as well as a not yet finished Vulkan renderer. Well, the majority of the renderers work perfectly now ...

shaders glsl hlsl cg  
asked by PugsAreCute 3 votes
answered by DMGregory 4 votes

How to get struct layouts from vertex shader input using ID3D12Reflection

I am attempting to write a code generator that builds C++ structs/classes from D3D12 reflection data built using DXC. Given a simple vertex shader signature: ...

c++ directx direct3d12 vertex-shader code-reflection  
asked by MSinger 2 votes

How to correctly implement custom tick system?

I am making a custom tick system to suit my needs (calling normal ticks every 0.2 seconds, medium ticks every 5 seconds etc...) I followed the tutorial from this video: CodeMonkey tick system tutorial ...

unity events time  
asked by franticabyss 2 votes
answered by Philipp 11 votes

Generating Realistic Looking Wire in Unity

I'm designing a game that involves the simulation of a breadboard. I would like some advice on the best way to simulate jumper wires used to connect various places on the breadboard together. I have ...

unity procedural-generation simulations  
asked by skillz21 2 votes
answered by Engineer 2 votes

Question on parallelizing ECS Systems

Learning & Implementing an ECS system for my game, I'm wondering how I am supposed to parallelize the systems on multiple threads. Different systems can't run at the same time (unless they operate ...

multithreading entity-component-system  
asked by yggdrasil 2 votes
answered by Theraot 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What should a main game loop do?

Generally, what are the core things that one should do in the game loop, and what are some things that one shouldn't do in the game loop?

architecture game-loop  
asked by hokiecsgrad 139 votes
answered by Leftium 130 votes

How should a one-man team do game audio?

Most game development (game design, art, programming, etc.) can be done by one person with relatively little equipment: A game designer needs a pencil and paper, an artist Photoshop or Paint, a ...

sound sound-effects  
asked by Gustavo Maciel 96 votes
answered by michael.bartnett 61 votes

What is the proper way to handle data between scenes?

I am developing my first 2D game in Unity and I have come across what seems an important question. How do I handle data between scenes? There seems to be different answers to this: Someone mention ...

asked by Enrique Moreno Tent 77 votes
answered by S. Tarık Çetin 85 votes

Is UDP still better than TCP for data-heavy realtime games?

I know that UDP is usually recommended for real-time multiplayer games with high data usage. Most articles are serval years old, and since ~80% of all data transmitted on the internet is TCP, a lot ...

c++ networking udp realtime  
asked by KaareZ 78 votes
answered by Peter 124 votes

How to implement A.I. for checkers/draughts?

I saw this checkers game and I wondered how the A.I. was implemented. How should I implement an A.I. for checkers (draughts, dama, dame)? Are there any known algorithms? Very thnaks full to all. I m ...

algorithm ai  
asked by Solid Soft 21 votes

Moving an object in a circular path

I want to move one object (dot) in a circular path. How should I change the X and Y coordinates to accomplish this?

mathematics graphics  
asked by Ganapathy C 30 votes
answered by Kromster 66 votes

Why are people developing and publishing games online without charging money?

What's the incentive of sharing games one designs themselves for free online such as I see people doing this and I don't understand.

asked by feynman 110 votes
answered by DMGregory 334 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How to assign a specific Item index to my inventory when picking up items?

I want to make an inventory system for my game, and I found some issues when collecting an item. What I want is to match the index in the Inventory_UI system ...

unity c# inventory  
asked by YouCanCallMe Syarif 1 vote
answered by Kevin 0 votes

Parallel transformations tree update

I create my own pet-project graphics engine for the learning and research purposes. Now I'm trying to create a more efficient scene transformations update technique. My current approach is the linear ...

algorithm multithreading scene-graph  
asked by FoxCanFly 1 vote
answered by Engineer 0 votes

Rendering shader off-screen to a texture with SharpDX

I'm very beginner with DirectX programming. I'm using SharpDX in C#. My ultimate goal is to make some off-screen screenshot processing through the GPU. As part of my learning path, I'm currently ...

shaders directx sharpdx  
asked by Etienne Baudoux 1 vote
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