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Top new questions this week:

Generating Coherent Noise for the Hyperbolic Plane

I've been doing research on game development in a hyperbolic plane, and cannot seem to find any solution for generating coherent noise. Generating noise for a spherical geometry would be easy -- just ...

perlin-noise noise  
user avatar asked by Tim Morris Score of 2

How to prevent colliders from knocking each other back before being destroyed?

For context, I have a player that can use a bow or a spear to shoot enemies in a 2D side scroller game. The bow shoots arrows and the spear shoots itself, and they both have rigidbody2Ds attached. ...

unity 2d collision-resolution rigidbody  
user avatar asked by Peecee Score of 1
user avatar answered by DMGregory Score of 1

Considerations when applying C++ Core Guidelines in game development

I'm curious about the impacts of applying the C++ Core Guidelines to game development. When I try to discuss about this, and point out that we should check return values, or validate user data, or ...

c++ software-engineering  
user avatar asked by phydthekid Score of 1
user avatar answered by MadMan Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to not freeze the main thread in Unity?

I have a level generation algorithm that is computationally heavy. As such, calling it always results in the game screen freezing. How can I place the function on a second thread while the game still ...

unity multithreading  
user avatar asked by DarkDestry Score of 42
user avatar answered by DMGregory Score of 58

Best practices for labeling game versions?

Does anyone know if there's a best practice for labeling game versions. I'm not sure if there's a standard name for it other than versioning but what I mean is basically: 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3.1 beta

user avatar asked by clifford.duke Score of 30
user avatar answered by House Score of 30

GLSL: How do I cast a float to an int?

In a GLSL fragment shader I am trying to cast a float into an int. The compiler raises an error: ...

opengl glsl opengl-es  
user avatar asked by dugla Score of 52
user avatar answered by Ricket Score of 52

How does Lua work as a scripting language in games?

I'm a little hazy on what exactly Lua is and how a game that is programmed in C++ would use it. I'm asking primarily about how it is compiled and run. For instance when you use a program written in C+...

c++ scripting lua  
user avatar asked by XSoloDolo Score of 72
user avatar answered by Panda Pajama Score of 98

Why are people developing and publishing games online without charging money?

What's the incentive of sharing games one designs themselves for free online such as I see people doing this and I don't understand.

user avatar asked by feynman Score of 113
user avatar answered by DMGregory Score of 344

How to make a character jump?

I am currently making a game in C# using Direct X 9.0. The game remake is Donkey Kong NES. I have nearly everything completed, but I am having problems with the physics of Mario's jump. I have ...

physics input jumping  
user avatar asked by Sarah Score of 46
user avatar answered by David Gouveia Score of 88

Which image format is more memory-efficient: PNG, JPEG, or GIF?

Which image format is more efficient to save memory? PNG, JPEG, or GIF?

graphics graphics-programming image memory-efficiency  
user avatar asked by Tredecies Nocturne Score of 76
user avatar answered by Panda Pajama Score of 158
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