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Top new questions this week:

Moving player inside of moving spaceship?

INTRO: I am trying to achieve a spaceship that flies through space and the pilot can get out of their seat and walk around the ship and place physics objects in it while the ship is moving, rotating, ...

physics rigidbody physics-engine rigid-body-dynamics meshcollider  
asked by Object Score of 11
answered by Theraot Score of 16

Memory usage of simple SDL2 program grows linearly

I am a newbie in SDL2 and I was testing an example code of Lazy Foo SDL tutorial just out of curiosity. The program renders an image named x.bmp living in the same folder as the program. Here’s the ...

sdl2 linux  
asked by SuperNoob Score of 1
answered by SuperNoob Score of 1

How do i make my game object goes to that specific direction after it bounces off a collision and not behave erratically?


unity c#  
asked by Shihs Shihis Score of 1
answered by DMGregory Score of 1

Why do physic engines apply force fully linear, despite adding torque

I checked how the applyForce function on rigid bodies in 3 different physic engines work (cannon.js, matter.js, PhysicsJS) and it seems that this is the common way ...

physics rigidbody physics-engine  
asked by Bastian Born Score of 1
answered by DMGregory Score of 2

Libgdx World point to screen point

It seems like converting a screen point to a world point is easy in libgdx but going from the world point to a screen point is quite tricky. So How do I convert a world point into a screen point?

java libgdx mathematics  
asked by GabeTheApe Score of 1
answered by bornander Score of 0

How should I share the states amongst all the executions of a Behaviour Tree triggered from all ticks?

I'm still learning about Behaviour Trees and my understanding of the "blackboard" is essentially a state object. When passing the state object through the ticks to the function calls (which ...

javascript architecture ai behavior behavior-tree  
asked by xenon Score of 1
answered by Vaillancourt Score of 1

How to inherit from a custom node of a gdnative plugin, in gdnative?

Context I am developing a game in gdnative and I would like to design it in several "modules", where there would be: a main module for the core gameplay, a second module that I defined as a ...

c++ godot inheritance  
asked by florianvazelle Score of 1
answered by Theraot Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is ambient occlusion?

I've heard about ambient occlusion and it looks nice, but what exactly is it?

graphics rendering terminology  
asked by Dr. Snoopy Score of 65
answered by Ólafur Waage Score of 38

How to prevent the "Too awesome to use" syndrome?

When you give the player a rare but powerful item which can only be used once but is never really required to proceed, most players will not use it at all, because they are waiting for the perfect ...

game-design inventory  
asked by Philipp Score of 250
answered by Philipp Score of 15

Changing color of UI Text in Unity into custom values

There are a few objects in the scene as well as a title. I want the title to change its text and color based on the object that is mouse-overed. The script below is added to each object that is ...

c# unity gui  
asked by Varaquilex Score of 7
answered by nexx Score of 5

When should I use a fixed or variable time step?

Should a game loop be based on fixed or variable time steps? Is one always superior, or does the right choice vary by game? Variable time step Physics updates are passed a "time elapsed since last ...

physics game-loop frame-rate fixed-timestep  
asked by Nick Sonneveld Score of 267
answered by deft_code Score of 141

How should a one-man team do game audio?

Most game development (game design, art, programming, etc.) can be done by one person with relatively little equipment: A game designer needs a pencil and paper, an artist Photoshop or Paint, a ...

sound sound-effects  
asked by Gustavo Maciel Score of 98
answered by michael.bartnett Score of 63

Path finding algorithms?

I posted this question on stack overflow first, but I guess no one is very interested in video games there... What are some path finding algorithms used in games of all types? (Of all types where ...

asked by Pojo Score of 26
answered by David Gouveia Score of 66

What is the pixels to units property in Unity sprites used for?

I'm starting to learn Unity for 2D development. So, I am importing several sprites into the game, and I couldn't help but notice that there is a "pixels to units" property, by default on ...

2d unity  
asked by Oxide Score of 27
answered by Cooper Score of 25
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