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Top new questions this week:

How to implement a inventory that stores different types of items?

Lets assume I want to create and RPG with collectible items my character can pick up and store in his inventory. One item could be a sword, with an attack, defense, and level attributes. Another ...

unity architecture databases inventory  
asked by Alex Donnelly 6 votes
answered by Philipp 11 votes

Is it possible to have a script built-in into a custom resource?

Here's a rudimentary custom resource: extends Resource export(Resource) var scr I can drag a pre-made .gd script into this exported property in Inspector, and it works as intended. I can click on ...

godot gdscript  
asked by user2649762 2 votes
answered by rcorre 2 votes

Complex Item Class Design & Data Table Design

I'm making RPG games full of items with complex effects. For example, a sword that fires a fireball when it attacks, Or a sword that absorbs HP when attack hits. I read the following and thought that ...

game-design rpg data-structure databases  
asked by Canas 2 votes

How do I edit a Unity InputField by clicking on Android UI Button?

I have been stuck on this problem for a long time and not sure what I need to do. Would appreciate any help. I am building an Android app using Unity. In my app I have an InputField, a TMP_InputField ...

unity c# android  
asked by varunkr 2 votes

How can I blend an animated character with ragdoll physics collisions?

I'm trying to make an effect that a ragdolled character controlled by an animator also affected by the physics collisions. Similar to this game: Crazy Shopping. The problem is animator controller ...

unity physics animation blending  
asked by Arlandria 1 vote
answered by Arlandria 1 vote

Godot speed up mobile HTML5 Export GLES2 load time

I got a small Godot project that should be played on mobile devices, however the load time of a GLES2/ HTML5 export project of Godot takes 20+ seconds to load from the server. To decrease the load ...

html5 opengl-es2 godot  
asked by DominoDev 1 vote

2-player online card game architecture

This is the first game I have developed. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. I want to build an online 2-player turn based card game (Shithead). I want to code it in Java as that is what I have most ...

java turn-based card-game javafx  
asked by Cyrus Dobbs 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Having trouble with grouping in 3D Studio Max

I'm using 3D Studio Max 2012. I've got a simple mesh and several other polygons and I want to group everything all together. But the option is greyed out, I can't actually select 'Group' under the ...

asked by rlb.usa 1 vote
answered by rlb.usa 2 votes

How can I simulate a bad internet connection for testing purposes?

I am developing an online multiplayer game. It works well when I test it on the local area network, but before I release it I would like to test how the user-experience works out for someone who has ...

networking testing  
asked by Philipp 105 votes
answered by Marc Bury 63 votes

Convert Flash game to work on Android devices

Is there any way to convert a Flash games(file with .swf extention) to work with android devices? I want the game to use Android device native controls like sensor, accelerometer, etc.

android flash  
asked by Akram 8 votes
answered by jhocking 7 votes

Using multiple shaders

I'm currently studying opengl shaders but I can't figure out something: how to apply different shaders to the objects, for example, a teapot rendered using toon shader and another one in the same ...

shaders glsl  
asked by ibrabeicker 54 votes
answered by David C. Bishop 61 votes

What are atan and atan2 used for in games?

I am having some trouble understanding Math.tan() and Math.atan() and Math.atan2(). I have basic knowledge of trigonmetry but the usage of SIN, COS, and TAN etc for game development is very new to ...

asked by sutoL 48 votes
answered by Jesse Emond 94 votes

Sanitise a high score table to remove offensive terms / usernames

I'm building an app for a client, which they've requested to have a publicly-visible high score table. It'll be displaying their username, which is a free-text field that the players can input. Player ...

asked by NeilD 43 votes
answered by Bilkokuya 73 votes

What are normal, tangent and binormal vectors and how are they used?

I would like to find out the following information: What are they? Example usage in game development (the area they are used in) About the following vector types: Normal Tangent Binormal A ...

graphics vector vertex  
asked by Jaanus Varus 49 votes
answered by Shotgun Ninja 44 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Manual per-glyph rendering with SDL_TTF

I'm trying to create a font atlas with SDL_TTF. My idea was to create an SDL_Surface for every character using TTF_RenderGlyph_Blended() and use TTF_GlyphMetrics() to get glyph metrics so that I can ...

rendering sdl2 fonts  
asked by neverov 1 vote

Compute spheres 2D speeds in perspective projected animations

I created two animations that consist of spheres moving in a perspective projected 3D space, which means that the size and speed of the spheres vary with the distance: they increase when they are ...

3d animation perspective development-speed  
asked by Kathia 1 vote

Why do we get artifacts on objects rendered using depth node + depth render camera on Android?

I've encountered and error I can't seem to find online. I get it on all the water shaders I test, and any thing else that I have a depth node + depth render script on the camera for. I'll share a bit ...

unity rendering lines  
asked by AllanMac 1 vote
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