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Top new questions this week:

Color palettes in video games

I’ve spent the days reading all sources I can find on the use of Color palettes in games, but there is a real lack of real world examples. Most Color palette tools generate 4-5 colours. I am making a ...

color art  
asked by Majs 2 votes
answered by Jesse Williams 1 vote

What does the Node2D transform property do?

Following a Godot tutorial I encountered the transform property, but I'm not sure what it means nor how to use it. I read the official Godot documentation, but it didn't give me a full explanation ...

transformation terminology godot hierarchy  
asked by EmmanCanVaz_95 2 votes
answered by DMGregory 3 votes

Twine Harlowe: Can I create passage links with the gui? Or any alternative way?

I'm confused how I am expected to organize and write a story within Twine using just the tools outlined in the manual. The main concern revolves around initiating links between my ...

twine harlowe  
asked by kite 1 vote
answered by disc_code22 1 vote

Trying to Rotate terrain

I'm new to OpenGL and don't really know how to rotate a terrain. For my graphics class, I have a project I need to do that is making a tire using OpenGL and work that we done in class (my framework is ...

opengl c++ terrain terrain-rendering  
asked by Raúl 1 vote

Move gameobject from fixed position to pointposition following curve Unity2d

I want to move the object from the fixed position to the mouse position according to the curve as shown in the illustration. The altitude is the same and the horizontal distance is equal.

asked by DaiDai 1 vote

Don't block Camera with Blocking Volume in Unreal Engine

I use Blocking Volumes to prevent players from falling off platforms in a third-person perspective game in UE4. These Blocking Volumes however block the camera, as if they were a physical wall. How ...

collision-detection unreal-4  
asked by Iwan Plays 1 vote
answered by Iwan Plays 1 vote

Problem with diagonal collision response using PyGame

So I have been having this problem for the last few days and it has me really frustrated. What I am trying to do is resolve collisions with custom hitboxes in PyGame and it looks something like this: ...

2d python collision-resolution pygame  
asked by Tripti 1 vote
answered by Tripti 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is actually moving in an endless runner?

For example the famous Flappy Bird game, or anything that sort really, is the player(in this case the bird, or the camera whichever you prefer) moving forward or is the whole world moving ...

game-mechanics platformer  
asked by Lendrit Ibrahimi 106 votes
answered by XenoRo 145 votes

Why don't we use octogonal maps instead of hexagonal maps?

I understand the advantage of hexagonal tiles over square ones. But why aren't octagons used instead? I would think they would provide better, more natural movement in eight directions. I was ...

grid level-design hexagonal-grid  
asked by Click Ok 42 votes
answered by MichaelHouse 69 votes

What happens if I make more than $100k with the free Unity license?

If an indie game developer makes more than $100,000 using the free version of Unity, what happens to the money that goes over $100k? How will Unity people come to know how much money they are making? ...

unity licensing  
asked by USERX2DX 33 votes
answered by Philipp 51 votes

What is ambient occlusion?

I've heard about ambient occlusion and it looks nice, but what exactly is it?

graphics rendering terminology  
asked by Matias Valdenegro 55 votes
answered by Ólafur Waage 35 votes

Why are games built on cross-platform engines sometimes exclusive to Windows?

If an engine supports Windows, OS X, and Linux, why do we sometimes see games using these engines, like Space Hulk: Deathwing, restricted to Windows only?

software-engineering cross-platform marketing  
asked by Nathan 99 votes

What is the correct order to multiply scale, rotation and translation matrices for a proper world matrix?

Assume DirectX as the platform, if that is important. (Pretty sure it isn't) Assuming I have a proper scale, rotation and translation matrix, in what order do I multiply them to result in a proper ...

asked by Narf the Mouse 62 votes
answered by Raphael R. 77 votes

How much does it cost to produce a major video game?

I asked this same question here, but was closed and told to ask it on this site instead. How much would it cost to develop a video game. I mean like a major PS3/360 video game. I know there really is ...

xbox360 playstation3 costs  
asked by JD Isaacks 13 votes
answered by coderanger 17 votes

Can you answer these questions?

UE4 - UProceduralMeshComponent - texturing issues

I am having a lot of trouble texturing a procedural mesh in UE4. I am using perlin noise from Accidental Noise Library with PolyVox to generate randomized marching cube terrain. Accidental Noise ...

procedural-generation unreal-4 materials uv-mapping triplanar-texturing  
asked by Skettenring 1 vote

Create and serve AssetBundle at runtime

What I am developing is not a game, but is done in Unity3d, so I believe here is a good place to ask. Context: The unity application runs in the WebPlayer inside a web application Case: User ...

unity asset-management assetbundle unity-webgl  
asked by Eldamir 1 vote
answered by Ed Marty 0 votes
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