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Top new questions this week:

2D Pathfinding with rope constraint

I have a character linked by a rope to a fixed point, in an environment with obstacles. I want to do a pathfind that take into account the rope. Here, if the character followed my current pathfind in ...

2d path-finding collision-avoidance rope-physics  
user avatar asked by Alikae Score of 2
user avatar answered by ratchet freak Score of 3

Predictive Aim to shoot a moving target with a constant velocity while the projectile is affected by gravity (2D/Platformer view)

I've been working on creating stationary gun turrets that can shoot down missiles in my game. The bullets are affected by gravity while the missile moves in a linear path at a constant rate as if it ...

physics mathematics aiming  
user avatar asked by TheFactoryIndustry Score of 1

How To Deal With Time for Entity Interpolation for Multiplayer Games

I am currently trying to make a simple multiplayer game but had a little bit of trouble implementing client-side entity interpolation for entity movement. For some context, I am aiming to make a ...

networking multiplayer  
user avatar asked by SquishyGrape Score of 1

2D Zoom to mouse point

So I'm trying to create a zoom function for my 2D camera. The best result I've got so far is: But something still feels off, and I just can't seem to pinpoint it. My code currently, which simply ...

c++ camera control  
user avatar asked by Valtsuh Score of 1
user avatar answered by Valtsuh Score of 3

Game published for web freezes for 2-3 seconds the first time an explosion effect triggers

Using Godot 4.2.1 when exporting my game to HTML5 it runs completely fine until an explosion effect is spawned on screen for the first time when killing a mob, the game freezes for an entire 2-3 ...

shaders html5 optimization godot-4 gdscript  
user avatar asked by buzzbuzz20xx Score of 1

2 object snapping using bounding boxes in Unity Runtime

I am using boundary boxes for all calculations. In the image below you may see a case where this objects need to be snapped. Currently the calculations go as following, the rotation is changed by the ...

unity mathematics rotation  
user avatar asked by Artak Score of 1

How do I apply a post process animation blueprint to a skeleton?

I tried to migrate the rifle anims from the lyra sample project. I am using the same skeleton as the Lyra project, but the wrist is twisted once they are retargeted. If I open the anim before ...

animation unreal skeletal-animation blueprints unreal-5  
user avatar asked by TechnicalVoid Score of 1
user avatar answered by TechnicalVoid Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I change the Google Play Console language?

How can I change the Google Play Console language? Here you can see that the language is not English:

user avatar asked by oobrbzn Score of 35
user avatar answered by Charanor Score of 27

Unity new UI - Dynamically change the functions called by GUI elements

Looking to dynamically change the value in the button OnClick and slider On Value Changed . If I had to guess on how this was done, get a reference to the button/gui element. Next get the Button ...

c# unity gui  
user avatar asked by thedeadlybutter Score of 17
user avatar answered by House Score of 23

Why do my point lights disappear when another nearby light is above 1.85 range?

I'm making a game with a dungeon setting in Unity 3D. Many torches line the walls. I'm using a point light over each torch to simulate the flame. However, when two torches are across from each other, ...

unity lighting debugging  
user avatar asked by Timothy Williams Score of 13
user avatar answered by Nitish Rajan Score of 15

Why are people developing and publishing games online without charging money?

What's the incentive of sharing games one designs themselves for free online such as I see people doing this and I don't understand.

user avatar asked by feynman Score of 112
user avatar answered by DMGregory Score of 347

What is the purpose of glScissor?

I know that it is more efficient than stencil test, but am I right assuming that the same functionality could be achieved using projection transformations with viewport?

opengl opengl-es  
user avatar asked by Kimi Score of 46
user avatar answered by tuket Score of 21

How does the Graphic Raycaster component work in Unity?

I'm making a small game for the first time and enjoying it thus far. The only thing that keeps bothering me is that I can't find a human explanation of what the graphic raycaster does. What's the ...

unity raycasting unity-ui  
user avatar asked by CaptainCarl Score of 13
user avatar answered by Cobertos Score of 24

Moving an object in a circular path

I want to move one object (dot) in a circular path. How should I change the X and Y coordinates to accomplish this?

mathematics graphics  
user avatar asked by Ganapathy C Score of 32
user avatar answered by Kromster Score of 70

Can you answer these questions?

My Monogame Android game fails to launch on Release build, failing to find ContentTypeReader

Today I struggled with the problem that appears on building my Monogame Android game with Release option. On Debug, everything is OK, but for some reason my game crashes on launch with Release build. ...

c# android monogame  
user avatar asked by Code Watermelon Score of 1

Get all the vertices my game object covers

I want to get all the vertices of an 3D object. I'm using this: ...

unity 3d mesh  
user avatar asked by obada Score of 1

Cannot transform vectors from viewport to world

I started working on a small raytracer project, and i decided to reuse my already existing openGL renderer to do this, i'm using GLM to manage transforms/positions. However, i stumbled upon a very ...

opengl rendering transformation glm raytracing  
user avatar asked by Bellaedris Score of 1
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