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Harmful political content policy

The spirit of this policy is to create and maintain rules and guidelines that allow users to share knowledge and discuss challenging topics safely and peacefully while still allowing a decent level of scrutiny to governments.

We do not allow advocating for violence or encouraging harm to others. We do not allow discriminatory content towards a person’s actual or perceived ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and/or disabilities. We also do not allow content that supports, celebrates, or furthers the cause of extremist organizations as per our Abusive Behavior policy.

While on our sites users are expected to be factual, respectful, and objective while participating in main Q&A, user profiles and chat rooms allow for more subtle and nuanced conversations where pointed or harsh criticism of political figures, their policies, and governments (including satirical statements) can be allowed as long as they do not otherwise violate the Code of Conduct and do not contain insulting language directed at individuals.

Additionally, we will not allow political misinformation or widely disproven allegations against a political figure not supported by reasonable evidence to be promoted on the platform. Read more in our Misleading information policy.

Last update: 2023-05-31