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comment Rendering only what is on the screen
Nice bit of code, but I'm not going with TiLeD on this one. I have decided to roll my own way of handling maps that I am enjoying quite well. It's based off the text file implementation of the Platformer starter kit put out by Microsoft. +1. :)
comment Should I have a public development blog?
Very good advice indeed! I had a very similar question in mind, but I decided I was too lazy to keep up a dev blog even if I was interested, so I decided against it.
comment Rendering only what is on the screen
good recommendation! it does seem that Slick handles these things gracefully in the background, though, so adding my own code to deal with clipping won't be necessary.
comment Do retail games use “inversion of control” and “dependency injection”?
I personally enjoyed this thorough answer. Just wanted to say that. I think that Kylotan makes an excellent point, and often IoC does overly complicate things. There are cases where it makes a lot of sense (when a lot of DI makes sense), but wrapping everything in a proxy just for the sake of doing so should be considered bad practice.