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I develop games for fun.

comment How can I effectively manage a hobby game project?
@pip you do realize you're reading an old Q&A and commenting on it?
comment Why are radians preferred over degrees in game development?
Of course the actual rotation requires irrational numbers, but tracking the desired angle of rotation should be done with some form of rational which is free of rounding errors. Claiming "it shouldn't be much of a problem" is the first hand-wave on the way to a disaster.
comment Why are radians preferred over degrees in game development?
From a numerical perspective you're correct, but from a visual perspective if ONE pixel from a hard edge pops to the wrong value, you're screwed.
comment Creating a game with in game programmable AI
first off, consider that these will be languages and libraries running on your client's machine. You have NO IDEA what capabilities and/or bugs are in even the most basic libraries that are part of some black box you assemble.
comment Creating a game with in game programmable AI
trying to make a language safe by subtracting everything that's dangerous is a losing game. For in-game use you need something specialized with particular knowledge of game objects and nothing else.
comment Creating a game with in game programmable AI
the key thing is that the embedded language has to be inside (and fully under control of) the game. You would't want your in-game program to delete real files, for example.
comment Model View Control Issue: Null Pointer Initialization Question
Any time you have one process looking at data that another process is changing, it's very hard to imagine all the ways it can go wrong. The best solution is to just don't do it. The second best solition is to use synchronization primitives to be sure that only one can run at once.
comment How to get a game popular without a publisher?
If your game is insanely wonderful, you can self publish and wait for the money to roll in. Don't hold your breath. Otherwise, it's unlikely any publisher will be interested either. Welcome to the real world.
comment Missing triangles in model
if you think triangle "a" is completely hidden by triangle "b", you don't need to render "a". Under some assumptions about how a triangle mesh is formed, if the corners of the triangle are invisible then so is the rest of the triangle.
comment Effectively implementing a game view using java
I mean you need a bunch of smaller images that you only load as needed, and use them to assemble the desired picture at screen resulution. Typically these are also present in a hierarchy of prescaled sizes. Another common technique is to construct an infinitely large map on the fly, from a small number of componnets which are designed to fit together.
comment Does inflating scores make players happier?
Yes. Even the illusion of progress is a great motivator.