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comment Normal Mapping for 3D-Like Lighting in 2D Games
I don't have a full answer, but I found this while thinking about it, so I'm leaving a comment. You'd want at least a 2D normal map, instead of a 3D one like 3D object use, so it wouldn't just be greyscale. Since that's the case, might as well use a full 3D normal map. Then lights that are slightly "behind" the object can still light up things properly. Then I think it's just a matter of applying light according to how close the normal is to the direction of the light, and the distance/output from the light factors in, too.
comment Draw contour around object in Opengl
@Maciekp Sorry, I mean the concave bit earlier. I should have been more specific.
comment Draw contour around object in Opengl
Mackiekp is right. Think of a crescent moon. When you scale that, the inside of the curve will go the wrong direction. You'll end up with a nice outline on the outside of the moon, but nothing on the inside. The ends also won't line up correctly.