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I am an application developer and an iPhone enthusiast.

comment How can I stop the next screen from briefly displaying at the start of a CCTransitionFadeTR?
I had this exact issue and it turned out I have some actions that were starting in the new scene and it was trampling the transition. I actually fixed it by adding those objects to a CCNode and adjusting the timings a bit.
comment How do you start development of a game?
During the prototypes try to take out everything that seems un-fun until you only have things that are fun.
comment Where do I start if I want to independently learn game graphic design?
Right on! I would also recommend looking at ConceptArt.org as there is a lot of great artists there and you can learn a lot of basic, practical things from people's sketchbooks. Even better you can make your own and get critiques.
comment Cross Platform 2D Graphics Engines
I use to create games in Allegro all the time. Loved it.
comment Good game design books?
+1 for the Art of Game Design. Great book. I am using it on one of my projects right now.