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I've worked in C#.NET and Perl for about ten years in the business sector (healthcare, financial, management software.) I recently switched to the mobile games industry working for a company where I do Android porting of their iOS titles and I still maintain and support .NET software (keeps me from getting too rusty.) I also have my own company, Offbit Studios, where I put out little mobile games for iOS and Android. Just a side thing but fun.

comment What are the most commonly used programming languages?
Quite a few of the top-ranked mobile games are also written in C++ with an Objective-C/Java wrapper (both iOS and Android allow for that.) XNA (C#) is useful for working with Windows Phone 7 as well as the indie market on XBox.
comment Workaround to losing the OpenGL context when Android pauses?
After trying various approaches to circumventing this, I've decided the best solution is just to recode the app to recreate the context. This is such a wasteful approach but it doesn't look like there's any good solution code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=12774
comment Workaround to losing the OpenGL context when Android pauses?
I'm porting an C++ game to the Android NDK which isn't designed to reload the context easily, so at least for me it is somewhat difficult. Difficulties aside, reloading textures will introduce a delay which isn't present on our other devices (iPhone, PSP, DS, etc..) Glad to hear honeycomb fixes this but unfortunately we need to support 2.1+
comment Faster way to scale images than gluScaleImage?
The design isn't mine (it's a port) but I did start replacing calls to the gluScaleImage and the performance is much better. Thanks