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I work full time at a big software company, when I'm not doing that I'm developing games. I keep a development blog at www.byte56.com and you can follow me on twitter.

I've created a course with Lynda.com to teach advanced scripting with the Unity 3D engine, check it out!

comment Voxel engine/vertexes: how to add more and more different textures during game runtime and change some of the blocks' faces?
A full cube side is made of two triangles, and ramp cube side is made of one triangle. Isn't that one triangle textured appropriately already?
comment how create Simple Reusable Object Pool?
OK, what's the problem with the way you're doing it now?
comment how create Simple Reusable Object Pool?
It's pretty unclear what you're asking here. I assume you're trying to create an object pool? Please add more details to your question, and if you can, remove as much code as possible.
comment What's happened with Panda3D project?
I think asking about the fate of a specific project isn't on topic for game development. Further, how to resurrect it is a pretty open ended question and not really answerable with facts.
comment A Star pathfinding algorithm, multiple node set optimization
Yep, they're pretty neat. You have a lot of work ahead of you for generating these navigation meshes though. Make sure you're putting your time into something that's needed. Profile your pathfinding to ensure it's actually slow enough to warrant putting a lot of time into optimizing it. Have fun!
comment A Star pathfinding algorithm, multiple node set optimization
@LampShade Yes. You can rebuild the navigation mesh whenever needed.
comment Word for a relationship specifying that 2 objects don't affect each other
I don't see how this is specific to game development. It would be better suited for Programmers.
comment RTS Movement + Navigation + Destination
Link only answers are discouraged. They're useless if the links ever disappear. I suggest you expand the answer with the basic details of how to implement what the links describe.
comment Large 2D Arrays Causing Garbage Collection
Have you looked into object pools?
comment What is GPU bandwidth?
Since GPU bandwidth is not game development specific, this isn't the most appropriate site to ask on. In fact, it's been asked already on a more appropriate stack exchange: superuser.com/questions/387563/…
comment What is GPU bandwidth?
How long do you want your frame to last?
comment Unity 3d 4.6b New GUI system doesn't take touch when already a touch event is occurring in 3d scene
I suggest you file a bug on the appropriate Unity page.
comment Recording time since last collision
Simran, it looks like a lot of your questions are just from being inexperienced in coding. Your code above is a clear indication of this. I suggest you try some tutorials, and just generally expand on your programming knowledge. Learn to use the debugger to step through your code to see how it's working.
comment How to properly do top-down aRPG melee attacks?
"feel natural" is a subjective term. I think you're at the polish phase, where you just need to play test and tweak things. Add some sliders in game where you can change the magic numbers of your algorithm. Keep tweaking until you get something that feels right to you. It's iterative empirical testing. Anyway, given the nature of the problem, I think this question is in the "primarily opinion based" category of questions.
comment From 3d rotation, snap to nearest 90 directions
Try it and see how it works?
comment Why are shadows not snapping to the objects?
Ah, I didn't see it was already answered, I was working on my answer. Well, it's here for future readers. I still suggest you edit your question to be more clear.
comment Changes to myApp.js files are reverted back to normal when the project is build - Cocos2dx
Cross post: stackoverflow.com/questions/22273202/…
comment Is this possible in cocos2dx 3.0?
Please add context to the answer. This is not the place to advertise, thanks.
comment Change of scene not working in Android
Adding context to this answer would be useful. Like what problem it's solving, and how it's solving it. Also, considering there's no HelloWorldScene in OPs question, it's unclear how your answer is helpful.
comment How to create Timed Mode in Unity
I think how to implement an entire feature is a bit broad. Maybe you can specify a specific problem you've encountered when trying to implement this yourself? Note that "where to get started" is not a specific problem.