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I work full time at a big software company, when I'm not doing that I'm developing games. I keep a development blog at www.byte56.com and you can follow me on twitter.

I've created a course with Lynda.com to teach advanced scripting with the Unity 3D engine, check it out!

comment Connecting together multiple classes JAVA
Your problem is a debugging one and not specific to game development. Try using a debugger first. If you can't find the problem, narrow the scope of the question by removing all the unnecessary code and ask the question on stackoverflow.com.
comment Best practice for saving content-dependent metadata?
"Best practice" isn't something we deal with here, since it's typically just people's opinions of how things should be done. Tell us more about the problem you're trying to solve and what the issues are with how you're implementing things now.
comment C# XNA 2D Tile Lighting Problems
This is a debugging issue that can't be solved without extensive back and forth. Lighting code is typically complex and specific to your implementation. These types of questions are not a good fit for the site.
comment Rotating a GUI.Label relatively
The new GUI system is available for use in the Unity 4.6 beta.
answered Jumping distance due to X velocity
comment Java - Why isn't my velocity not working
This is a problem what's specific to your implementation and not general to game development. Attach the debugger and step through your code to see what the variable values are and why your code isn't producing the results you want.
comment How do I generate solar systems for a 2d universe map, but still look random
Random and strict placement requirements don't go together. Either relax your requirements and relax the requirement for randomness. I think this is a bit too broad of a question, as this is more of a "doesn't look good enough" type question. These types of questions are subjective and don't have correct answers.
comment Unity3d WebView for Blackberry
What have you tried? What's not working? Just asking for "solutions" isn't much of a question. Be specific about the problem you're facing.
comment how to disable touch in Quintus?
Are questions asking how to find where game engines have the code for different things on-topic?
comment How do I make Minecraft mods without Techne?
Just telling us what you want to do isn't a question. You need to ask a question.
revised Letting fluids go into Tanks
deleted 336 characters in body
comment Android game programming seperate game logic thread from drawing thread
Is your question not answered here? How many threads should an Android game use?
reviewed Leave Closed Simple Game Texture for libgdx
comment AdMob Libgdx Full Screen Ad
What have you tried? What about it isn't working? Adding ads to an application isn't specific to game development either. So if your problem is not with libgdx, you should seek an answer on stackoverflow.com instead.
comment Is the rendering of distorted point clouds more complex?
Down votes happen. Try not to take it personally and resort to name calling. Thanks. Based on your other answers, I'd suggest putting a little more effort into expanding your answers.
comment How to create an animation in cocos2d-x 2.2.1 c++?
Expand your question with details about what you tried, and in what way it isn't working.
comment DX10 vs DX11?!?! Ditch and learn?
Comments are not for discussing possible answers or asking further questions.
comment How can I implement lighting in a voxel engine?
@gopgop The comments aren't the place for discussion. You can find me in chat some time. Or discuss it with the other people there.
comment Unity 3D UI freeze
Please provide a version number. And more details about what you've tried and the exact behavior of the failure.
comment Randomly generated voxel planets?
You'll have to narrow the scope of the question. Describe exactly what part of this task you're stuck with.