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comment Help with puzzle game
Sorry? It seems clear to me, I have a bunch of tiles that get turned over (see first code secion for example) and I need to somehow compare it to a bunch of possible matches (see last code section). But the problem is it won't be just like that, there will be random zero's around the entire table as they don't just get to click an entire line.
comment Positive Evaluation Function - Territory AI Help
Allow me to explain a bit, imm.io/4Xwy see that diagram lets assume the circles are sections of forces, and you gain a new force each "time interval" and lets say I want to take all my forces (I'm pink) the circle directly below me and capture it, well the AI would need look at all available circles and pick for example the big green on in the top right (since big would make more troops and its close to the "main"). I'm assuming what you said would still work? Weighted options?