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After my pot of coffee stops brewing, I might have 4-6 cups..

I consider myself a Computer Geek, or a Techie Otaku, because I have loved and learned about computers since I was 15 in 1995. I had a 386 with 8 colors at 16 MHz. It was a new awakening to a larger world that would unfold over the course of many years. I'm still trying to acquire proper, and some improper, credentials regarding my IT guru status. I'm fond of being modest about things, but many people say that I have a general knack for technology. It started even before I even heard of computers, I think, with recording and rough splicing mixes with my VCR. Two VCRs made for an impressive setup before DVDs came out. I still have a long way to go, since you know the score; the more candles you light the more of the darkness is revealed(paraphrased from an unknown source, so don't kill me). I digress, then. I have, in the past, dabbled in having my own corporation, attempting to sell anime online on my own website. That ended in obscure failure, with a bit of lost money. I know a bit more about it now, and would definitely re-incorporate under a less daunting and scary name than Mindblade-inc. I plan on getting an IT job, I do, but I still want to organize something worthwhile and profitable on the side. Again, I digress, back to the Computer Geek aspect. I have a great reverence for hackers and their philosophies, such as the ones by "The Mentor" and "John Perry Barlow" from 1996. I've never hacked myself, but have delved pretty deep into programming for the web, and some light application programming. But I've always gotten less than savory grades in programming classes. I'll conclude by saying that I plan to stay on top of things as times progress, and I hope to make connections with many like minded Techie Otaku(maybe you?) ;D

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