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Besides programming, I like computer gaming, bike riding, girls and beer :). I started programming in the far 2004 and I really enjoy learning new things, that's why I know a bit of C, C#, C++, assembly (x86), Python, Visual Basic, HTML and CSS. I also know something about how low level stuff works, like caches, pipelines, BPUs, ALUs etc.
I have read books such as Write Great Code (by Randall Hyde) and The microarchitecture of Intel, AMD and VIA CPUs (by Agner Fog), though I haven't understood well some parts of it ;). I don't consider myself a sunday programmer, in fact I think that studying and improving the algorithm is a very important part of my (future, hope) job.
In practice, I think that is important for me to learn a bit of everything so that I can make a good opinion about things, then I'll specialize in something if I like or need it.

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