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During my last 20 years I have worked with Both Windows and embedded programming. The last 3 years have I spent as Manager firmware and electrical development Kiosk products at Swecoin AB - A Zebra technology company.

My last project was a new firmware platform written in C++ with RTOS fitting in an ARM7 with only 20k of RAM and 64k of Flash.

My main interests are object oriented design and micro controllers.

comment How can I make a player-interactable bookshelf?
Thank you, I will try the mod forum as well... However I do like the StackExchange platform much more. I can only cross my fingers that more modders find this forum ;)
comment How can I “stick” objects to tables in Skyrim and still allow those objects to be player-interactable?
I have the same problem with "any" object placed with Havok on "any" surface. I solved it by placing them with "F" and then turn on "Don't Havok Settle" in the object's property dialogue. This makes them still non-static but they will not "float up"...