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comment Creating the concept of Time
I'm not really trying to get the time, more pass the time in such a way that players can age, plants can grow/die/breed and other time based events can occur.
comment Creating the concept of Time
In order to read from the Console window and also have the game loop continue running throughout I'm guessing the ReadLine() stuff will need to be done in another thread? As far as I can tell it's not possible to retreive user input without the loop halting until the user enters the text. ??
comment Creating the concept of Time
The game is a simple text-based console game. The main loop is always running but when it's waiting for the user to input something into the console (Console.ReadLine()), the loop comes to a pause (no code after this line is executed until the user enters something into the console window).
comment Seperating entities from their actions or behaviours
Thanks Tetrad, your reply has been very helpful. I still have a bit of research to do before I'll have a grasp on how the components model works (do I have any concrete classes atall for a character or simply some collection of components etc etc) but I'm sure I'll get there soon. Any other advice would be a bonus. Thanks for your time and help mate.