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Jeremy Banks

email: j@jeremybanks.ca
pgp key 83F84CD867E277A13076E227A58240CA54EAA262
All original source code I post on Stack Overflow is dedicated to the public domain.

Some Meta
  • Recognition at stackexchange.com/about/security
  • Index of previous Stack Exchange Data Dump releases
  • Can we talk about removing DRM?
Some Stack Overflow Posts
  • Overview of BitTorrent's magnet links (trackerless torrents)
  • Assignments inside of Python lambda expressions
  • Cloning JavaScript objects with HTML5 structured cloning
  • Escaping SQLite identifiers in Python
  • Does ECMA-404 contradict RFC-4627?
  • Showing scroll bars to OS X trackpad users in Blink/WebKit
  • Why you may have difficulty installing pytz with recent versions of pip
  • Why [1,2] + [3,4] === “1,23,4” in JavaScript
  • The difference between semicolon behaviour in Python and JavaScript
  • How Python picks a maximum if there's a tie
  • http://stackoverflow.com/q/11438150/1114
  • Clearing up some scary misinformation from the Flash documentation
  • The 2,000,000th question asked on Stack Overflow
  • The most-downvoted question on the site, at the time it was deleted

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