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  I do a bit of game development in C# (XNA) and Java (LibGDX)
  Although i don't work for anyone yet. I am part of the Creation Softworks team at

  I use linux distros ubuntu, debian and arch and i would concider myself good enough  to know how-to-install-a-minimal-system-without-a-gui anywhere.
  I still run games on a windows box (AMD sort your drivers out)

  As i said, my main work is on programming. I love the idea of OOP and use it wherever i can. My weapons of choice are C# or Java but i have done a few other.
  -  Written a framework for Javascript game development called Pancake.
  -  Written numerous python scripts on my raspberry pi server.
  -  Bash scripting to keep my computer alive.
  -  VB (dark times indeed)

So yeah, if you want to see anything ive done then i'm on GitHub

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