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Hi! I'm Dima, but thats hard to pronaunce for non-eastern europeans so call me RedPanda. I'm beginner in game dev. and would really like to expand my knowlage, but so far I'm simply a "noob". I prefare C# as my programming language, but know a little bit of C++ (not enought for game dev.). I also use XNA Framework/Monogame to develope my games, but want to switch to Unity after some more exp. in game dev. on XNA/Monogame. As of yet I didn't finished any project, because as stated before I'm a begginer, but I'm really looking forward to finally finish something not too big and finally get more exp.

My other hobbies are: gaming (ofc I'ma teen), space and skateboarding (in which I to be honest a "noob" too).

If you read this bio so far, you must be either bored, or... I don't even want to know.

P.S. Sorry for my terrible English, I'm trying to get it better, but spelling and grammar are not willing to surrender that easy.

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