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Started developing winforms-applications (Delphi 6-7) for my own use at school when I was about 12.

Developed an online strategy game with the same kind of mechanics as gangsterhood or planetarion when I was 15-16. Also worked on a WoW-server for the alpha.

Developed a few CMS's in php (educational purposes, really, but some were used).

Started my bachelors in Game Development @ NITH august 2007. Competed in MS Imagine Cup in 2008 and 2009. Finished my Bachelors degree @ NITH in 2010, with a project for SINTEF; developing a way to render shallow-water algorythms in real-time on thin clients. streaming of terrain-modifications to computing-server and water-data back to iOS device.

Worked with asp.net web development since 2008.

Founded DeRail Games in april 2010, releasing 4 games within our first year (XBLIG).

Currently employed by Bekk Consulting.

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