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Web development (mainly PHP, HTML/CSS, JS), design, server administration, server and database optimization, mobile application development (webOS), print design, photography... These are just a few of my favorite things.

Then there's always wine, beer, brewing beer, photography (for fun), and other great things in life, far too many to list =)

comment What is a good way to measure game virality?
Actually, k-factor is not really a measure of how "viral" something is. It's a measure for "adoption" or "conversion." If you want to know the growth in terms of users then it's a great measure. It's a metric that relies on people actually using your app/program/game/etc. To measure how viral something is you need to, like the one article points out, gather how frequently it was shared. However it's a bit hard to tell how viral it is unless you then compare it to other samples. That's exactly what viralityindex.com does.
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