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comment What is the point of “delta” in this code? Does it reflect a standard thing in game dev?
If your comrades are particularly hip, you might even see Tau (τ) instead of 2π.
comment Why do most video game guns reload without losing unused ammo in the magazine?
The Jagged Alliance series, while not FPS games, had re-loading by the clip. However, you could actually move bullets between clips (to combine half-used clips, for example) if you were willing to spend the time doing so.
comment A streetfighter-style combat system
Just a note: I would expect a "streetfighter-style" game to be in the style of "street fighter", a one-on-one beat-'em-up. If I were talking about a side-scrolling beat-'em-up, I would say a "final fight-style" or "streets of rage-style" game.
comment ID3D10Device pointer problem
@SirYakalot: That would be correct. As I wrote, the definitions need to be in a .cpp file, although the declarations must be in the header file in order for them to be available to anyone who #includes it. This is so that the linker allocates space for one and only one instance of each of your variables. has an example of this in the "GlobalVariable" variable in its example.
comment Which university shall I choose in UK? ( game programming )
@Joe The point being that, as he is passionate about games and game design, and is also iconic in those arenas, it's very likely that he will infuse the university's courses with that passion. Therefore, it's worth looking at. Maybe not choosing in the end, but certainly a reason to add it to the watch list.
comment What scripting language would you recommend for a C++ game project?
Been there, done that. Learned a lot about parsing, compiler design, bytecode machines, all that stuff. Next time I'll probably use Lua and appreciate it all the more. :)
comment How do you prevent inflation in a virtual economy?
@caspin - there's a semi-serious suggestion here. Many MUDs of yore had a "rent" system whereby the game essentially charged you an amount of money proportional to your personal wealth for going offline (or you lose your equipment until you can afford to pay).
comment How do you prevent inflation in a virtual economy?
At first glance, this would appear to penalise newer players who haven't had the time to hoard their resources to pay for the now-inflated goods.