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comment Vector vs Scalar velocity?
If you are moving at X=10, Y=15 then you are moving in the direction [10,15] = [2,3], not [1,1]. I'm not sure what you mean by this not being the direction you want to move in.
comment How to rotate to a target position over time
You also may want to look up using quaternions to represent and interpolate between rotations. A starting point: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
comment add collision detection to sprite?
That's because you're not doing anything to make it stop colliding, so it'll print it again every time you call update.
comment Separate collision mesh model?
It's wasteful to try to collide with the entire array every pass if it has many more than 1 BoundingPrimitive. An optimization would be to enclose the mess of them in a single BoundingSphere or BoundingBox to collide with first, and then do the detailed collision detection only if the rough passes. This is a pretty common collision detection optimization.
comment Mapping dynamic buffers in Direct3D11 in Windows Store apps
Thanks, that pointed out the error immediately. I had read about the debug layer, then forgot about it. Won't again.