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Enthusiastic game-coder :) Fell in love with pcs and coding in my late teens and have been coding games and what-not since. Love the .net framework and XNA in particular.

comment Issue with calling Spritebatch in XNA 4.0 Game
You should check around for .Begin() and .End() and make sure that they match. This is easiest if you set a breakpoint at the first .Begin() and then step through until you are done. Odds are that somewhere you end the SpriteBatch in a component. The easiest way to avoid this is if you only have ONE Begin() and ONE End() in your Game's Draw() method. In between these two calls you should ask all components and subsystems to draw themselves using a reference to the original SpriteBatch.
comment Simple 2d tile based lighting in xna
Thought it would be an interesting coding excercise, so here's a little codesample link
comment Drawing Transparency in XNA 4.0
Sounds like this guy is trying to achieve a similar result: stackoverflow.com/questions/2656835/…
comment Ruby Vs. C# - Better for Game Programming
Okay, thanks :-)