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comment Is there such thing as a design pattern for game character attributes?
Before you code away on the details of a flexible attributes system, make sure you have a good idea of the requirements for your game. Developing a game from the software is perhaps not so productive. For example, if you only need to support two attributes (strength and speed), you don't need a generic system. Do your game requirements necessitate a complicated design?
comment Is there a pattern for handling multiple game states?
@TimothyGroote State pattern would be bad if there are a lot of states. Just because the word "state" appears in the problem doesn't mean you'd use the State pattern. As a matter of fact, there is one subclass for each state. Is that what you'd want in a game that can have hundreds of different states?
comment How can I make backtracking interesting?
+1 for Elder Scrolls fast travel, done with way-point discovery. Basically, you can fast travel to any way-point you've been to before, if no monsters are present.
comment Inconsistent movement / line-of-sight around obstacles on a hexagonal grid
I recall encountering this workaround in some pathfinding I did for the AI in my own version of Steve Jackson's Ogre. You can tweak a pathfinding sort to account for both hex distance and Euclidean distance when it's really important.
comment How should I implement the “Observer” pattern with respect to a game world?
Patterns are solutions to recurring design problems. It sounds like you're looking for a problem to apply a solution, which I think is backwards.
comment How to avoid circular dependencies between Player and World?
Why do you think a circular dependency is a bad thing? stackoverflow.com/questions/1897537/…