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Feel free to follow along with my studying at http://steves-study-journal.blogspot.com . (Note that it's not specific to studying Japanese -- although I just started the blog a month or so ago, and there isn't much I've written about thus far.)

I've been known to put together notes (in LaTeX) based on whatever I'm studying, and sometimes I work on Anki study card decks. (Sometimes I even finish them!) Right now I'm doing both for Tae Kim's Japanese study materials. I may also do the same (notes + Anki decks) for things like Rosetta Stone and my old Japanese textbook (the Nakama series), and possibly other stuff.

Btw... My dark secret is that I'm currently trying to immerse myself in the Japanese language....by watching AKB48/NMB48/SKE48/etc. posts on google+ and watching copious amounts of Japanese-language videos (also of the 48G girls) on youtube! (>_<`) Whatever keeps you motivated, I suppose. :D

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