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comment Acceleration based on current speed?
This is terrific, thanks!
comment Mesh with quads to triangle mesh
Scratch that last comment, I initially didn't see your code on iterating through the tessface objects. I also did some looking around and from what I gather GL_Triangles is typically what is used from a blender export. Thanks again
comment Mesh with quads to triangle mesh
Thanks for this, I was looking in to tessfaces but couldn't figure out the usage. I started to implement this code in to my export code. I was worried I was going to have to manually convert each cylinder end-piece in my mesh to get rid of ngons, something I was hesitant doing. Doing this, should I just make the polygon indices based on this information? It was nice being able to just iterate through polygons and export that data. If I do iterate through these vertices, should I consider these as GL_Triangles or GL_TriangleStrip? Thanks!
comment Mesh with quads to triangle mesh
thanks for the code snippet, that's helpful. the quads_convert_to_tris is basically the control+T but automated. one thing I found is a cylinder top, or other complex shape, might not appear correct when converted, it also has more than 4 indices, more like 16-24 depending on the complexity. i think it might be best to remove the face and place a single center point vertex then try and make a bunch of tris from it, if that makes sense.
comment MMORPG design for time-limited players
for example, if I chose not to work at black smithing for a few months I'd assume my ability to smith would be slightly degraded as I am 'rusty'. the amount of degradation of skill does not necessarily need to be large, nor would it be reduced past a certain point-- a master black smith would not always be a master if they didn't keep at it once in a while, but they would always likely be good at it. at some point a player should practice a skill, hopefully through fun gameplay and not specifically for practice, to sharpen her/his skill. at least that's how i see it could work