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Hello, I've been an Apple fan since 1980's but only started programming on the iOS and web design since a few years ago. I studied computer science in college as part my science training, programming in procedural languages such as Pascal and ADA (C++ was just getting popular and Java wasn't born yet. Neither was the web).

A few friends nicely introduced me to some basics concepts of objective programming and now here I am venturing into Objective C and iOS programming bit by bit and HTML/JS/CSS also.

As of now, I have completed 5 iPhone utility apps, plus, one iPad educational app. I like the challenge of self-learning and getting natural with the jargons does take time. But I assure you I am very logical in my approach. This is a wonderful website with a lot of helpful people. I hope to learn a lot here and contribute whenever I can.

comment Why is my sky color calculation in Mathematica incorrect?
I don't understand why suggestions are not tolerated here at all. If you look at the solution above, it is a value issue. Pointing folks in the right direction is better way to learn than giving exact solutions all the time isn't it? And no, I can't comment below his question because I am not allowed to. Which is why I commented here. But thanks for the demote. Really nice of you and very encouraging to new folks like me. Thank you.
comment Calculating a line's normal for the purposes of collision
@Casey, check this link for a solution: gamedev.net/topic/367293-finding-the-normal-to-a-2d-line