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Hello, I've been an Apple fan since 1980's but only started programming on the iOS and web design since a few years ago. I studied computer science in college as part my science training, programming in procedural languages such as Pascal and ADA (C++ was just getting popular and Java wasn't born yet. Neither was the web).

A few friends nicely introduced me to some basics concepts of objective programming and now here I am venturing into Objective C and iOS programming bit by bit and HTML/JS/CSS also.

As of now, I have completed 5 iPhone utility apps, plus, one iPad educational app. I like the challenge of self-learning and getting natural with the jargons does take time. But I assure you I am very logical in my approach. This is a wonderful website with a lot of helpful people. I hope to learn a lot here and contribute whenever I can.

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comment Why is my sky color calculation in Mathematica incorrect?
I don't understand why suggestions are not tolerated here at all. If you look at the solution above, it is a value issue. Pointing folks in the right direction is better way to learn than giving exact solutions all the time isn't it? And no, I can't comment below his question because I am not allowed to. Which is why I commented here. But thanks for the demote. Really nice of you and very encouraging to new folks like me. Thank you.
answered Why is my sky color calculation in Mathematica incorrect?
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comment Calculating a line's normal for the purposes of collision
@Casey, check this link for a solution: gamedev.net/topic/367293-finding-the-normal-to-a-2d-line