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comment Does anyone know what technique was used in Minecraft to create shadows?
Are the shadows under players and animals not just static transparent circles drawn on the tile under the entity from a .png image? Like so: up.picr.de/13069441lj.png
comment Im attempting to make a custom modpack for minecraft using the technic launcher but I get an error regarding the 'MCVersion'. Can anyone help?
@JPtheK9 I disagree, as this type of modding is less to do with the reverse engineering/hacker type of modding and the actual gameplay programming aspect of it, which is very on topic. There are more people here who know about Minecraft modding (such as myself) than you would think
comment MCP 1.7.10 Java class navigation
@tkausl is there a way to change the obfuscation mappings?
comment How do I add a method to a class without editing the source file?
Welcome to Minecraft modding, where basically you have to work around the crappy modloader/forge apis, and not to mention Minecraft itself. What I usually found myself doing was creating hash maps with player ids and flags/data to store arbitrary data rather than relying on the actual entity player class. It's pretty dodgy but hey it's a mod
comment Block With Given ID Does Not Exist - Minecraft Mod
If I recall correctly 255 is the highest possible block ID, but that was when I modded all the way back in 1.2.5 and earlier. Try a lower number perhaps
comment Rotating voxels in 3d space amongst the x axis
Ah. Many thanks, this explains everything. I would vote this up but I don't have enough rep yet lol, but thanks :D