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Java and my nemesis Objective-C

comment How do I add a method to a class without editing the source file?
Welcome to Minecraft modding, where basically you have to work around the crappy modloader/forge apis, and not to mention Minecraft itself. What I usually found myself doing was creating hash maps with player ids and flags/data to store arbitrary data rather than relying on the actual entity player class. It's pretty dodgy but hey it's a mod
comment Block With Given ID Does Not Exist - Minecraft Mod
If I recall correctly 255 is the highest possible block ID, but that was when I modded all the way back in 1.2.5 and earlier. Try a lower number perhaps
comment Rotating voxels in 3d space amongst the x axis
Ah. Many thanks, this explains everything. I would vote this up but I don't have enough rep yet lol, but thanks :D