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I write audio and video software. I like to work in Java, C and C++, but whatever works. Someday maybe we'll just do everything in javascript.

Currently I'm working on Xonami: www.xonami.com

I can be reached at bjornroche.com

comment Is it possible to use ALSA or OSS on Windows?
If you are looking for a portable audio API, check out PortAudio.
comment Maximum sensible audio sample rate
It is not my article. Izhaki's answer on the cross-post (avp.stackexchange.com/questions/8997/max-audio-sample-rates) is an excellent round-up.
comment Maximum sensible audio sample rate
For a more detailed (and correct) answer, you might want to check this out: evolver.fm/2012/10/04/…
comment How do I play music at half speed?
Soundtouch is the best opensource lib I know of that does this. For closed source (and costs money) you can go to Z-Plane, Izotope, and Dsp dimension. If you really want it to play at half speed and don't mind the change in pitch, you just need to resample. Secretrabitcode, or libsamplerate, is available both open source and commercial. You can also use code from SoX (soundExchange) I believe.